I never realized …..

I never realized until this morning, when I was in the midst of eating blueberries:

That therefore I’m transphobic!

When you’re born cis (sic) (heheheheheh) you can blunder around doing all sorts of transphobic things without realizing it until suddenly the light dawns.

The Sun itself comes up transphobic.

It’s enough to make me cry. And cry. And cry. And cry.

Where, oh, where, will it ever end?

And when, dear dawg, oh when?


23 Responses to “I never realized …..”

  1. belledame222 Says:

    I certainly agree. In fact, as an overprivileged cisfeminist, I have it on good authoritah that even breathing is transphobic!

  2. justicewalks Says:

    I hear tell that menstruating is also transphobic.

    And before you get all smug on me, so’s menopause.

  3. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Ahh, I remember menstruation and menopause so well … the terrible cissie-ness of it all! It made me crawl with self disgust.

    How can I ever make amends?

    I know! I know!



    It’s never too late to set things right.

  4. Polly Styrene Says:

    I hear that being dead is transphobic as well. There’s just no escape.

  5. mangetout Says:

    All females that have a uterus should immediately have a hysterectomy, but that alas! would still be transphobic, because transwomen can’t have hysterectomies.

    Therefore, all females should have SRS to males, then SRS back into females again.

  6. Mary Sunshine Says:


    That’s just what I was thinking of, some kind of surgery, but I didn’t know what kind.

    You’re an inspiration!

    Why am I keeping this repulsive old uterus around, after all the cis-ified things it’s done? * gagging at the thought. *

    And then, by declaring myself to be male, I will have finally transitioned! No longer cis! *whew*

    But I’m wondering about the rest of it. ??!! Will I have done enough just by declaring myself to be male?

    I have these horrible feelings that I’ll be a cis female no matter what I do.

    Can this be true? can I not redeem myself by declaring myself to be a uterus-free male? Why do I have these doubts?

  7. mangetout Says:

    Mary Sunshine, I know that in your haste to rid yourself of cis-privileged transphobia, you abbreviated — nay chopped off — my name! Tsk tsk!

    Getting back to your questions, perhaps, perhaps not. We have already established that eating blueberries, breathing, dying, menstruating and menopause, and hysterectomies are all transphobic — and chocked full of cis-privilege.

    I think perhaps the only thing we can do in order to avoid this terrifying accusation of being transphobic is to spontaneously cease to exist. Do we have consensus?

  8. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Consensus …. 😐

    Well, that immediately raises the question of :

    What about the menz?

    We don’t want to exclude them from drinking the Kool-aid, do we?

    I mean, cis-males count for something, don’t they? I’m willing to embrace the diversity of including cis-males here. Surely they need to be consulted!

    We cis-sies should all cease to exist equally.

  9. mangetout Says:

    No, cis-men aren’t transphobic, it is only big meanie cis-radical cis-feminists who are transphobic. We cannot go around blaming men for anything, including violence against cis-women, trans-women, anyothertypeof-woman. That just would not be laydee-like.

    Let us look at the facts, post after post calling cis-radical cis-feminists murdering-transphobics (effectively), but only one or two posts that actually condemns one man for doing violence to one transwoman. Given that body of evidence, aliens from outerspace could only conclude that the real threat to transpersons are cis-radical cis-feminists, who must number in the dozens. And cis-radical cis-feminists are hairy as well. This is a dangerous combination, especially combined with all the murderous transphobia that cis-radical cis-feminists perpetuate.

  10. mangetout Says:

    In fact, I would go so far as to call cis-radical cis-feminists “cis-transphobic”, which is far stronger than regular transphobia.

  11. Polly Styrene Says:

    I think you’ll find ceasing to exist is transphobic as well.

  12. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Now, let’s not get carried away here.

    Non-existence precludes transphobia.

    For surely, if A does not exist then no qualities may be attributed to A.

  13. Parker Says:

    This almost made me pee my pants.

  14. catkisser Says:

    Just found this…………freakin’ brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kamododragon Says:

    I think when intersex people call out on transgender people for invading in intersex space, when they are not intersex is transphobic.

    Even when intersex people who don’t like trans people is transphobic

  16. Sorry, Sex-Positive Transwomen: I’m Not Buying What You’re Selling. At All. « femonade Says:

    […] about the fact that there are others out there who share the inexplicable desire to amputate healthy body parts, in order for their bodies to conform to “the way they’ve always seen themselves” but *those* people are seen as mentally ill. while the “T”’s in GLBT have all the political power and protection that comes from co-opting the GLB movement.  crazy + powerful = “eccentric,” doncha know!  and “eccentric” is f-u-n, which is about all it takes to be wrapped in the teeny-tiny bosom of the twenty-something fun-fems.  radfems are a little more discerning about who they allow into the fold, as it were.  (and radfems eat blueberries, therefore they are transphobic!) […]

  17. factcheckme Says:

    love the idea of a surgical “cure” for cis-privilege….and that it would require a surgical reversal, as to not be transphobic. a pingback should be forthcoming. thanks.

  18. Henke Says:

    Maybe its soon time to get t-shirts
    “Transphobic approved by the transgender mob” to save some time and (hopefully) never ending discussions.

  19. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  20. purplesagefem Says:

    I’m having some particularly transphobic period cramps right now.

    • Mary Sunshine Says:

      how dare you! quick, get a hysterectomy and then beg the trannies for forgiveness. and then, promise to never do it again.

  21. monteveritas Says:

    madonna mia!…I eat blueberry every day on my yoghurt

  22. DB (@ViewTrenches) Says:

    Yes, and as a “cis” man, not referring to my penis as a “woman’s body part” must be the height of transphobicness as well!

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